Guangdong huayuemei lighting(Couleur) technology co., Ltd

The profile

Guangdong huayuemei lighting(Couleur) technology co., ltd. Was established in 2006, and its headquarter is located in panyu district, Guangzhou. Main production and operation  LED light source and related box light source supporting products.

Our products include network format backlight series; High power side light source series; Ultra-thin hardcore lamp box series; Soft light bar series and side light module series.

Our light source products are suitable for LED advertising media light boxes, signboard light boxes of chain stores, airport labarab light boxes, high-speed railway engineering light boxes, railway station sign light boxes, bus station platform light boxes, large decorative light boxes. Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the principle of deep cooperation and sharing and multi-win, providing customers with all-round, high-standard and professional services; It can provide the best lighting solution for the LED light box industry with different sizes, specifications, brightness or thickness, and customize non-standard products according to the personalized needs of customers. It is the preferred supporting partner of the high-end advertising light box industry.

First two.Our advantages

1. Talent advantage

We always adhere to the people-oriented concept and currently have a group of dynamic technical and management talents with rich work experience and ability in the LED industry. Since its establishment, the company has been developing and developing new products and technologies in the spirit of excellence and innovation to better serve the needs of customers at home and abroad.

2. Technical advantages

For a long time, we has regarded major innovations as the cornerstone of enterprise development, relying on advanced core technologies to promote the rapid development of enterprises. Every year, the company invests a lot of money and manpower in the research and development of new products and the construction of enterprise innovation system.

3. Equipment advantages

Advanced production equipment is the prerequisite to guarantee product quality. The company constantly introduces the most advanced production equipment produced in the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other places to keep its product quality at the forefront of the industry.

4. Product advantages

We always adhere to the product concept of "combining science and technology with art", implement creative thinking mode and humanized design. This product features high luminous efficiency, bright colors, strong heat dissipation, no stroboscopic, low energy consumption and long life.

5. Management advantages

We adhere to the principle of quality first, customer first, and the principle of balanced interests to manage our daily business, strive to achieve multi-win! Apply the complete and scientific ERP quality management system to realize the efficient operation and lean management of the project.

6.Advantages of certification

At present, the products sold by the company are self-developed, with intellectual property rights, and a number of national invention patents or utility model patents, as well as the European Union CE certification, RoHS certification, UL certification. Most products have been identified as high-tech.

7.Service advantages

Development is inseparable from the company's wise leadership, staff's unremitting efforts, and customer trust and support, the current research and development and production, the company is headquartered in panyu, guangzhou, and has set up sales and customer service centers in Hong Kong and Shanghai to better serve the market, in the future will establish distribution services in major cities.

8.Sales network

At present, our products are sold all over the country to Australia, the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Italy, Canada, the Middle East, Russia and other countries and regions.

Three,Corporate culture

1. Corporate vision -- master core technology, commit to become an international leading supplier of high-end LED light source products and solutions, provide efficient product solutions for improving commercial space display light box, and become the most respected outstanding Chinese enterprise in the world! We are committed to the goal of "let global high-end brand light boxes choose made in China"!

2. Mission of the company -- to improve the ecological environment of human work and life with new and high technologies and become the leader of LED light box.

3. Enterprise positioning -- brand service provider of high-end LED light box light source integrated solution.

4. Talent concept -- people-oriented concept. Employees are the greatest wealth of the enterprise. They are used assiduously. Only virtue, integrity and ability are reused.

5. Quality concept -- survive on quality, develop on quality and benefit on quality. Details determine success or failure, quality from precision, target product quality zero defects! Treat each project as a work, and make each work a masterpiece.

6. Service philosophy -- we adhere to the spirit of practical service and innovation, adhere to the modest and prudent attitude, establish professional and high-quality service team and service awareness, think what customers want, urgent customers urgent, provide customers with 24/7 services, and create more and higher added value for our customers.

7. Enterprise spirit -- integrity, pragmatism, efficiency, innovation and win-win.

Adhering to the corporate spirit of "integrity, pragmatism, efficiency, innovation, sharing and win-win", we make unremitting efforts to achieve common goals.

8. Brand declaration -- let the perfect combination of light and color present the beauty of vision!

Looking to the future,We insist that only professional, can do better! Under the principle of equality and mutual benefit, we look forward to carrying out extensive technical exchanges and cooperation with our customers and partners, striving to provide customers with the most suitable light box light source solution.

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